BREEAM Security Needs Assessment (SNA)

Security Needs Assessments (SNA) are carried out by Kevin Burrows who is a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) and a registered SABRE Assessor.

The assessment will consist of producing an evidence-based assessment of the proposed site and neighbouring surroundings, and the development of a set of holistic security controls and recommendations for incorporation into the scheme, based upon any threats and risks identified

KABSEC Consultancy Security Needs Assessments broadly include:

  • A visual audit of the site and surroundings, identifying environmental cues and features pertinent to the security of the proposed development
  • Formal consultation with relevant stakeholders, including the local Designing Out Crime Officer (DOCO), Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO), Crime Prevention Design Advisor (CPDA), and Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA) (as applicable), in order to obtain a summary of crime and disorder issues within the immediate vicinity of the proposed development
  • Complete a comprehensive crime pattern analysis to identify the actual risks
  • Identification of risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential use of the buildings or development
  • Identification of risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential user groups of the building(s)
  • Identification of any detrimental effects the development may have on the existing community

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