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Crime Prevention & Risk Management for the Built Environment


Cost effective Crime Prevention & Risk Management Consultation & Assessments providing value for money using an independent security consultant


Highly experienced consultant with over 20 years experience in public & private sectors. Licensed for Secured by Design (SBD) & Security Assurance BRE (SABRE)

Our Mission

To provide crime prevention and risk management consultancy that will make a positive difference to your business and community whether at home or in work


Crime Prevention & Risk Management Assessment

KABSEC Consultancy is a specialist company offering Crime Prevention and Risk Management assessments in an efficient, cost effective manner.

Our founder, Kevin Burrows, is qualified as a licence holder with both Secured by Design and the BRE under the SABRE accreditation scheme. Most assessments are based on the requirements of either one or both of these accreditation schemes and offer risk commensurate solutions to security need on a site specific basis. Whilst most security companies will only complete a cursory check of crimes, KABSEC take pride in their comprehensive crime pattern analysis which supports each and every security feature recommended.

Our principal desire is to provide the client with value for money interventions that mitigate identified risk; if there is no risk, why install costly protection?

Our assessment skills are constantly reviewed and adjusted to keep pace with changing patterns of criminal behaviour and to comply with amendments in security guidance and legislation. We have to maintain a currency of knowledge to retain licences under both our licensed accreditations.

We are also a member of the Association of Security Consultants, a membership we have held for a number of years. A fundamental requirement to membership is independence, we are not tied to any manufacturer or distributor.

We aim to deliver appropriate and realistic consultations to meet the needs of our customers, whilst maintaining the highest standards and providing the best value for money.

‘Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach’

We do both! Our sister company, KABSEC Training is a fully accredited ProQual Assessment Centre and training provider.

All our trainers are not only subject matter experts, they also practically implement the qualifications whilst working for law enforcement agencies or advisers to industry on a day to day basis.

At KABSEC, in the fields of crime prevention and risk management training we have a team of staff who combined we believe are nationally the most knowledgeable and practically experienced to deliver it.

Not only will we strive to provide the finest training , we will provide value and competitive rates.

our services

BREEAM Security Need Assessments


SABRE Registered Assessor


Secured by Design Licensed Consultant

SQSS (Suitably Qualified Security Specialist)

Crime Prevention & Risk Management Training

BREEAM Security Need Assessments


SABRE Registered Assessor


Secured by Design Licensed Consultant

SQSS (Suitably Qualified Security Specialist)

Crime Prevention & Risk Management Training


We are able to work with clients from large organisations such as  Government Departments, Armed Forces, Police Services, Public Sector Bodies through to small private firms and businesses such as Jewellers, Restuarants, Builders, Architects, Supermarkets

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